Home security and automation

Right now there are already many solutions to secure our homes. There are also a bunch of home automation projects done professionally or by DIY. But what is home security & automation anyway? Why does it matter to automate our homes? The answer lies in efficiency. With automation, you can simply text a message to lock & secure all doors in your house. Or using your mobile phone you can for example video-call a specified number connected to a surveillance cameras in your house, to see what’s going on while you’re on vacation. Or getting an automated text message/email notification in case of any trespassing on your property while you’re away. Isn’t it amazing? Of course it is!

Home automation is revolutionising home security, home entertainment and even cooking and gardening job. At its heart lies electrical control system allowing you to adjust and alter lighting, appliances and machinery to suit environmental changes. What’s more, home automation can be controlled effectively with a LCD screen or even our TV, via the telephone line, remote control automation, internet, wireless systems or on a mobile smartphone like I mentioned above. There are so many appliances that you can control easily. For example, a home automation solution allows you to see the visitor and open the door/gate without directly going there physically. Or if you are back from work, you can just call your home number to unlock the gate.

Not only that, everything from TV, video, music, alarm, CCTV, lighting, heating, air conditioning, blinds and curtains can be controlled as well. Even bath and shower controls can be accessed either remotely or via conveniently located control panels. They can be controlled from any part of the home, or even outside it. Control of your lighting, blinds, temperature and audio video systems from several locations can simplify your life, as well as make your home’s atmosphere comforting, inviting and exciting.

For now all this facilities might be hard to reach if you only have a limited budget. But don’t worry, sometime in the near future this will all be very commonplace.

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