About Me

Greetings! My name is Angga Reza Fardana, or simply Angga. I like everything about electronics and computer programming, two of the reasons why I did my Bachelor in Electrical Engineering at Sriwijaya University, Palembang, Indonesia. Right now, for the same reason I am pursuing my Masters in Computer Vision and Robotics at Heriot-Watt University.

I started my first programming with QBASIC when I was like 11 years old, back in ’98 when my dad bought me a 386SX computer to play around. With that, you can only do things with DOS and limited to only 1 open application at a time! By then I slowly gained further experience in programming through self-practice and many trials and errors at making simple programs. Nowadays I mainly code in C# (Windows) and C++ (Linux).

Regarding my electronics skills, I was able to memorise all those resistor colour codes at the age of 9! All this experience came from my cousin, who taught me everything from basic soldering skills to using a multimeter and making simple electronics project. I was so quick at learning, because I found electronics to be very cool and interesting.

I am also fond of watching movies, any kind of movies, especially sci-fi ones and actions. I can spend a whole day just for watching them.

Well, that’s my background information. I am very happy to share my knowledge, and hopefully so are you.