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An Upgrade to My Gainclone Amplifier

Well, it is actually an additional pair of LM3886T chip amplifier, which I ordered  again through a local supplier for the same amount of money (IDR 150000 or US$16.70). I previously made 4 markings...


Menambahkan feedback untuk regulasi tegangan pada PSU

Kali ini postingannya pake Bahasa Indonesia aja deh, soalnya sejak pertama kali direlaunching blog ini pake English melulu. Hehehe. Lanjut. Setelah saya mengobservasi beberapa PSU switching yang menggunakan IC PWM Controller TL494CN, dari kesemuanya...

A Homemade SMPS 3

A collection of my SMPS

This is about my SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) for the gainclone amplifier I previously have posted. An SMPS differs to the conventional linear 50Hz power supply (pictured below) in that it converts mains...